About Us

Satva Impex is an India based professionally managed enterprise , has entered into strategic partnerships with some of the major international groups in all Raw Cashew Nut producing Countries in both East & West African Countries. which has made a distinct presence for itself in the Import of Agro Products as Raw Cashew Nuts, Pulses, Beans and other many more and export of Cashew Kernels, food packaging, flexible food packaging, laminated pouches & rolls and other food packaging materials. Our strong presence in Africa and Asia makes us the trusted leader in the business of Import of Raw Cashew Nuts and Pulses and Exports of Food Products and other general merchandise.


We import raw cashew nuts. We are acknowledged as one of the topmost Cashew Nuts Importers and Suppliers in India. India is one of the largest cashew processor in the world but cashew cultivation is less. Only 20% to 25% of the cashew is cultivated in India. Rest of the cashew must be imported from African countries. There is a huge demand in India for raw cashew nuts. We have good business partners in African countries; we started importing raw cashews from African countries and supply to Indian cashew processors directly from them after several quality tests.

The Cashew tree (Anacardium Occidental) is a tropical evergreen native to the Americas but is now widely cultivated in Asia and Africa. Cashew in its natural form is a soft, white, meaty kernel contained within the hard shells of kidney shaped, raw cashew nuts. Cashew is consumed all over the world as a snack or used as a food ingredient.

The international trade in cashew is still young compared to other commodities.


Our main objective is to promote products of India origin by offering value added services to importer all round the world. We have vast experience in consumer products and have tied up with some of the best manufacturers in India and can offer very competitive pric

We respect every deal that we undertake and are persistent to building relationship through successful trading. We have developed successful contacts and rapport in the trading market. With over fourteen years of experience in this field, one can find us to be an ideal company to operate with.

Over the years we have gained experience and confidence of the trading market and have made a name for our self. This is evident by the support of supplier-buyer base that we have who are very well known names in the industry and hold a repute and long standing in terms of quality and performance.


To deliver premium quality cashew products to the world ethically at good value.


To be the preferent supplier of cashews to the world and to be a brand to reckon with.